Meet Our Executive Director, Dustin Tommey 

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Meet Impact Cleveland’s Executive Director, Dustin Tommey!
Dustin is a dabbler of many instruments (including guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and even his son’s kazoo) and counts the book “The Hobbit” as his inspiration that got him into reading when he was 17. He considers his home to be all of northwestern Georgia (and even Chattanooga). 
Dustin was first introduced to Cleveland, TN when he attended Cleveland State to play baseball and receive his Associate’s degree. From there, he went on to receive a Bachelor’s from Shorter University and then his Master’s degree in Urban Studies, focusing on Community Development, from Eastern University in Philadelphia.

After graduating from Eastern, and working for 3 years at a nonprofit in Philadelphia, Dustin and his wife Raven moved back to Cleveland, where he took on the role of Executive Director at Impact Cleveland. Ever since, he has been doing an excellent job of leading this organization where it needs to go in order to help people the best. As part of his job, Dustin serves as a catalyst for change, a listener, an advocate, a big-picture thinker, and a contagious believer that the work of neighborhood revitalization is critical to the overall health of our community and society.  Dustin’s favorite memory at Impact Cleveland so far was when he was notified that TVA had decided to award us $3.75 million to implement their Extreme Energy Makeover project in our target neighborhood. 

An ideal day for Dustin is a hodge-podge of different activities, among them: playing/wrestling with his 2 year old Walden, deep conversations with deep people, and through it all maintaining good vibes and not being overwhelmed by the weight of the world.